The STEMPrime Researchcast is currently on hiatus.

We are re-designing the researchcast platform and preparing to release the first few iterations of the STEMPrime & TerraPrime Simulation predecessor studies.

During our downtime, we’re also attempting to anchor a few in-house funding generators.

In the meantime – check out our side-project podcast, The Great Filter

The Great Filter | A PhobosTech Podcast

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An Exercise In Research Transparency

All “STEM Theory” Projects (aka: The STEMPrime Researchcast, The AI STEM Drive, The STEM Epiconomy, and The TerraPrime & STEMPrime Simulations) are owned, produced, and fully self-funded by Phobos Technologies LLC.

As such, we adhere to what we call “The No PASS Directive”; no placements, ads, spots, or sponsors. We simply do not entertain or facilitate anything that may have even the most remote possibility of altering, by coercion or by any other means, the outcome of our research.

Instead of seeking outside funding, PhobosTech’s project backlog contains multiple projects meant to ultimately become fund-generating mechanisms for STEM Theory research. There is at least one under development at any given time.

We are convinced that the outcome of this project, whether or not the null hypothesis is rejected, will be of significant value to the human race.



What Is STEM Theory?

“Anything Money can do, AI can do better!”

The STEMPrime Researchcast is our chosen publication platform. STEM Theory is what we’re investigating. It consists of two interdependent components: The AI STEM Drive and The STEM Epiconomy. Our research investigates the psychology and social dynamics of economy and motivation. It leans heavily on The Self-Determination Theory of Motivation in search of alternative motivational structures with which to minimize several of the negative side-effects that accompany the use of a currency-based economy. 




STEMPrime Researchcast Logo [Multi-Colored Cube]

“We dream of a world where everybody, without exception, has true equal opportunity. We are not speaking about our current, shallow, surface-etched, pseudo-equality in which we are utterly drenched.

We all have an immense capacity to become something extraordinary; but our environment, this enclosure we have slowly constructed over the past several thousand years inherently opposes any attempt to do so.

We are not in need of new laws or regulations in order to accomplish this. Our social ills are structural issues. What we need is a complete re-engineering of our social architecture; new laws and  regulations will do nothing to accomplish this. This change must come from the ground up – from within each individual.
STEM Theory is such an attempt.”

–STEMPrime Team