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An Exercise In Research Transparency

All “STEM Theory” Projects (aka: The STEMPrime Researchcast, The AI STEM Drive, The STEM Epiconomy, and The TerraPrime & STEMPrime Simulations) are owned, produced, and fully self-funded by Phobos Technologies LLC.

As such, we adhere to what we call “The No PASS Directive”. No PASS means: no placements, no ads, no spots, no sponsors, and nothing else that has even the most remote possibility of altering (by coercion or any other means) the outcome of our research.

To be clear, Phobos Technologies LLC has a multitude of fund generation mechanisms. There are several projects at play and in line to be developed in order to provide the capital necessary to see this project through.

Though I am not a researcher per say, I am constantly seeking help from those who are. I am taking online courses and constantly working on upping my game in several capacities. This project is important enough to me to make sure that I conduct myself professionally and properly.

I dream of a world where everybody -EVERYBODY- actually has equal opportunity; not this shallow, surface-etched, pseudo-equality we are utterly drenched in. We all have an immense capacity to become something extraordinary; but our environment, this enclosure we have slowly constructed over the past several thousand years, inherently opposes any attempt to do so. We don’t need new laws or new technologies to accomplish this; we need a complete restructuring of our social architecture. This is a structural issue; new laws and new technology will do nothing to accomplish this. STEM Theory is an attempt at just this. 

— Thomas J Wright