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This is a multidisciplinary research project, drawing from psychology, sociology, economics, physics, and artificial intelligence / machine learning.

My name is Thomas Wright, I am the founder and lead software engineer at Phobos Technologies LLC. For some time now, I’ve found myself quite troubled with the problem of corporate and political corruption. In college I would often outline ideas for new governmental structures with the aim of removing corruption.

It wasn’t until about ten years ago, in 2011, that I realized that corruption was not as much of a structural issue as it was a problem of poorly oriented motivational foci within our society. I began to approach the problem from the perspective of motivation.

I ended up with quite a diverse collection of research and an even more diverse collection of questions.

What is it about money that makes it so easily and so regularly abused?

Why do so many of our world’s ills seem to be so tightly associated with the abuse of money?

Is it possible to alter societies motivational foci without a total restructuring?

Would the answer destabilize society if it was implemented?

Is post-scarcity a possibility?

Over the years I continued to find more information and I continued to ask even more pertinent questions.

In 2018, I was listening to the All in The Mind episode entitled, ‘Carrots, Sticks … And Other Ways To Motivate. This episode introduced me to The Self-Determination Theory of Motivation as expounded on by Richard M. Ryan and Edward L. Deci.

While listening to said episode, I experienced what is arguably the most profound epiphany of my life. It was as though I had dumped a one-thousand-piece jigsaw puzzle on the ground, only to watch every single piece fall perfectly into place. Everything I had been studying, and all the questions I had accumulated; suddenly clicked perfectly into place. The experience was so unexpected and so completely surreal that I found myself laughing uncontrollably; an admittedly embarrassing reaction.

I immediately grabbed a pen and pad, and wrote everything down as quickly as I could for fear it would fade as a dream after waking. Not long afterward, I founded Phobos Technologies LLC to support and fund the research.

I have began taking courses on a variety of related topics such as, research methods and design, multivariate calculus, deep learning, economics, psychology, and several other courses.

This is my first research projects of which I have full autonomy; and, as such, I intend on conducting the research with the utmost objectivity and scrutiny. The size and scope of this project demands decades, if not lifetimes, of such rigorous research practices. I assure the reader that I am fully prepared to meed these demands.

–Thomas Wright