STEMPrime Supplemental #6 | Commentary on JRE Episode #1492 Jocko Willink Interview

This is a commentary on the Jocko Willink Interview. Jocko’s perspective and approach to leadership is phenomenal. As far as psychology and sociology goes – he’s nailed it. Simply listening to this man talk; I am nearly certain that he is, if not self-actualizing, he is on his way.

He employs almost everything that we talk about in STEM Theory. A restructuring of social motivational foci, he knows how to get other’s intrinsic motivation engine’s revving (self-determination theory of motivation), and -whether he realizes it or not- his entire method for dealing with others is a form of helping others actualize. Self-actualization is a cornerstone of what Jocko is talking about.

This is a supplemental episode of The STEMPrime Researchcast which can be found on the following podcast platforms:

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