E0006 2/4: Thermodynamics & The Three Functions Of Money: Behavioral Economics & Medium of Exchange

This is the first of the four-part series, “Thermodynamics & The Three Functions Of Money”.

This second quarter-episode is titled, ‘Behavioral Economics & Medium of Exchange”

In light of Professor Scott Huetell’s, ‘Behavioral Economics’ course on The Great Courses Plus website (https://www.thegreatcoursesplus.com/behavioral-economics-when-psychology-and-economics-collide), I begin this lecture with a review of what exactly value is. Dr. Huetell covers several concepts such as reference dependence, probability weighting, reward prediction & neural firing rates, and several other ideas directly related to how we attribute value.

Medium of Exchange is the first of the three functions of money that we’re covering in this four-part series. Medium of Exchange flies directly in the face of how the universe works. Exchange, as it is practiced in a currency driven economy, does not exist in the natural universe. We cover this as a concept and the problems that arise because of this.


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